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Cal Pump Plumbing Kit for PW4500 to 3 inch PVC
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Item Number: PLK275

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3 inch Flex PVC 50 Foot Roll
3 inch Flexible PVC 50 Foot Roll

Cal Pump Plumbing Kit for PW4500 & PW5500 to 3 inch PVC

Use this kit to connect Cal PW4500, & PW5500 Submersible Pumps to plumbing runs of up to 300 feet using 3 inch Flexible PVC.

First thread a 2 to 1-1/2 inch PVC Reducing Bushing onto the pump outlet. Then cement a 2 inch PVC Coupling onto the bushing and cement a short length of 2 inch PVC into the coupling. Next cement a 2 x 3 inch Coupling onto the 2 inch PVC and cement your 3 inch PVC into the other side of the coupling.

You may wish to place a Union in the 2 inch PVC line to make disconnecting the pump easier (not included, see at lower left).

Items inclulded in this kit:

  • 1 - (PLF100) 2" Slip x 1-1/4" FPT Bushing
  • 1 - (PLF010) 2" PVC Coupling
  • 1 ft - (PLP020) 2" Flex PVC
  • 1 - (PLF020 ) 2" x 3" PVC Coupling
Note: PVC Cement, Teflon Tape, & 3" PVC not included (see below at at left).

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