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Matala EZ BIO Pre-Filter Single
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Item Number: FBM550

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Replacement Black Core for EZ Bio
Replacement media for Matala EZ Bio Filster
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Matala EZ BIO Pre-Filter Single

The Ez-Bio 11 provides mechanical pre-filtration for pumps as well as bio-filtration for inside the pond.

  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Maximum flow-through if used as prefilter: 1,980
  • Maximum flow-through if used as biofilter: 660
  • Threaded female connection: 1-1/2 inch
  • Universal hose tail: 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"

Improve Pump Efficiency:

  • Prevents flow reduction due to premature clogging
  • Improves energy conversion to water flow
  • Extends pump lifetime

Highly efficient filtration:

  • Multiple pore size in filter media
  • Progressive density dramatically reduces clogging
  • Depth filtration: large filter volume to capture, store and digest particles
  • Large specific area for bio-filtration

Easy to install:

  • Connects to many types of pumps
  • Easily extendable for increased capacity

Easy to integrate into your system:

  • Ez-Bio can be placed at any distance from pump
  • The Ez-Bio can be easily extended with multiple sections to increase filtration capacity

Cleaning Procedure for EZ-Bio Prefilter

    Remove EZ-Bio and the attached pump completely from the pond.
  1. Disconnect the Pump: Hold pump in one hand and twist the EZ-Bio to unthread in a clockwise direction.
  2. Disassemble EZ-Bio:
    • Twist black top section of EZ-Bio counter clockwise to unthread.
    • Pull the yellow and blue filter core off of the bottom section and away from the white hard plastic core.
    • Push the center blue core out of the yellow core
  3. Spray wash both filter cores with a strong garden hose or blast of water.** Spray wash the white hard plastic core.
  4. Re-assemble EZ-Bio:
    • When completely clean, push the blue core back into the yellow core.
    • Push the filter core back onto the white hard plastic core.
    • Twist the black top section clockwise onto the EZ-Bio white plastc core.
  5. Re-attach pump. Twist pump with a clockwise twist until firmly attached.
**Alternative to spray wash with garden hose: Vigorously dunk the filter cores in a bucket of pond water until clean. This will maintain more of the good bacteria we wish to keep.

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