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King Tut Papyrus
We're sorry but this plant is out of stock.

Item Number: BTM025


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Microbe Lift Aquatic Plant Soil 10lb
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King Tut Papyrus

Sold Out Until 2016

King Tut Papyrus
Cyperus percamenthus

  • Hardy zones 9-11 [See Map]
  • Growing height: 18-24".
  • Planting depth: Top of the pot should be 0-4" below the water surface.
  • Thrives in full sun to shade.
  • This papyrus has large tufts to top the foliage like Egyptian Papyrus, yet is compact like the Dwarf Papyrus.
  • Also known as: Oxymoron Papyrus and Dwarf Giant Papyrus.
  • Recommended Pot Size:

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