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Plant Supplies for the Water Gardener

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Immediately below are subcategories of products which will expand to reveal even more items. Below the subcategories are individual items that don't fit into any of the subcategories.

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Pots & Containers
This is a subcategory, click the link to see several sizes of aquatic plant containers. They come in two types, one made of fabric & the other is molded plastic pots without holes
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This is a subcategory, click the link to see our selection of liquid aquatic plant fertilizer, pond tabbs & other growth stimulants for your plants
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Aquatic Soil
This is a subcategory, click the link to see our selection of aquatic planting soil by Microbe Lift & Pond Care

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Plant Protectors
This is a subcategory, click the link to see our plant protectors
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Floating Islands

The above link is to a sub-category page containing Floating Island plant containers.

Bloom & Grow Root Dip
For use with all water plants, bog and terrestrial plants as well.
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